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Suspicious Authorities - United States of America

List of unauthorized and / or unlicensed financial regulators / authorities:

Alliance Financial Regulatory Board

Alliance Transfer Inc.

American Financial Group - Washington, DC

American Futures and Options Exchange

American Futures and Options Trading Commission

Atlantic Stock Transfer Agency Inc (ASTA Inc)

Board of International Equities - Washington DC

Board of International Finance - Washington DC

Board of Securities Trading Commission

Boston Mergers & Acquisition Board - Boston, MA

Bureau of Compliance and Regulatory Board

Bureau of Compliance Regulatory Board

Bureau of Financial Compensation

Bureau of Financial Trading - Washington, DC

Bureau of International Securities Trading - Washington DC

Center For Fraud Protection International (CFFPI) - Seattle, Washington

Center for Securities Investigation Department

Centerpoint Financial Regulatory Board

Central Finance Regulatory Commission - Rockland, MA

Central Stock Regulators

Chicago Division of Securities - Chicago

Chicago Trading Regulatory Board

Commission on Financial and Securities Compliance

Commission on International Trade and Economics

Commonwealth Regulatory Board - Boston, MA

Consumer Financial Trading Registry (CFTR) - Washington, D.C.

CRC Continental Regulatory Commission - Washington DC

Department of Financial Compensation - Washington, DC

Department of Financial Investigations

Department of Financial Regulators - International Securities Division

Department of Financial Trading - Washington, DC

Department of Foreign Investment Control - Washington DC

Department of International Finance - Washington D.C.

Department of International Financial Trading - Washington, DC

Department of Orderly Liquidation

Department of Securities Liquidations - Washington DC

Department of Securities Trading - Washington, DC

Division of Securities - Chicago, Illinois

Division of Securities for the District of Columbia

Eastern Security Trading Commission - Washington DC

Economic and Financial Services Commission

Economic and Financial Services Commission ECOFINSC efinsc

eMerge Regulatory Trade Commission - Boston

Equities Trading Commission - Washington, DC

FED Acquisitions Control Bureau

Federal Division Of Securities - New York

Federal Financial Regulatory Board - Boston, MA

Federal Financial Services Commission

Federal Government Grant Commission

Federal Recapitalization Fund - New York

Federal Securities and Acquisitions Administration - Boston, MA

Federal Securities and Investments Regulatory Commission

Federal Securities Commission - New York

Federal Securities Regulatory Agency - Seattle

Federated Acquisitions Control Bureau

FESR The Futures Exchange Securities Regulator - New York

Financial Action Task Force - Washington, DC

Financial Compensation Authority - Washington DC

Financial Control Commission - Boston

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force - CLONE

Financial Fraud Examiner - Washington, DC

Financial Market Commission & Regulatory Board

Financial Protection Commission - Boston, MA

Financial Regulatory Commission - Boston, MA

Financial Securities and Equities Bureau - Washington, DC

Financial Trading Board - Washington DC

Forensic Accounting and Financial Fraud Investigator

Global Financial Protection Commission - Boston, MA

Global Investments Compliance Center

Global M & A Commission - Washington, DC

Global Regulatory Securities Commission

Global Securities Crime Investigators

Global Securities Protection Agency

Great Harbor Compliance Regulatory Board

ICSC - International Claims Settlement Commission

IFOC International Financial Oversight Commission - Boston

Integrated Financial Regulatory Board (IFRB ) - Washington, DC

Intercontinental Financial Regulatory Board

InterGlobal Financial Registrar - Boston, MA

International Association of Transfer Agents

International Board of Mergers & Acquisitions - Philadelphia

International Board of Trade Commission

International Center For Fraud Examiner - Seattle, Washington

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

International Exchange Commission - Boston

International Exchange Commission - New York

International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission IFSRC

International Financial Trading Commission - Washington, DC

International Fraud Alert - Washington D.C

International Information Exchange - Washington, DC

International Investments and Securities Commission

International Investor Protection Coalition - New York

International Organization of Registrar and Clearing Agents - IORACA

International Securities and Equities Board - Washington, D.C.

International Securities Authority - Washington, DC

International Securities Protection Commission

International Securities Regulatory Agency - Washington, DC

International Stock Transfer Administration - ISTA

International Trading Board - Washington, DC

Intertrade Compliance Board

Investment and Security Fraud Protection Agency - Chicago

Mergers & Acquisitions Compliance Authority

Mergers & Acquisitions Compliance Commission

Mergers and Acquisitions Regulatory Authority (MARA)

National Compliance Regulatory Board - Los Angeles

National Financial Commission - Boston, MA

New York Securities Division - New York

OERD Offshore Equities Regulation Department - New York

Office of Financial Affairs

Office of International Securities

Office of the International Claims Commission

Offshore Accounts Department of Treasury

Offshore Securities Commission - Wall Street

Overseas Investors Information Network

Pelican Regulators & Administration Commission

Pennsylvania Division of Securities - Philadelphia

Regional Regulatory Board - Washington, DC

Regulators Department Washington

Regulators Desk Washington

Regulatory Compliance Board - Los Angeles

Securities Administration - Seattle, WA

Securities and Financial Commission - Seattle, WA

Securities and Investments Disputes Agency - Chicago

Securities Regulation, Protection and Litigation Agency

Securities Trading Board - Washington, DC

Securities Trading Commission - Washington, DC

State Securities Commission - Washington, DC

The Beacon Hill Regulatory Trade Commission - Boston

The Board of International Equities (BIE)

The Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Governance Institute of America

The Federated Acquisitions Control Bureau

The Financial & Regulatory Oversight Board - Boston

The International Office of Regulators

The International Securities Committee

The International Securities Regulatory Division

The National Futures Securities Commission - New York

The Regulating Body Of Securities And Investments

U. S. Mergers and Acquisitions Regulatory Authority (USMARA)

U.S. District Court of Arbitration - New York

U.S. International Bureau for Trading - Washington, DC

U.S. Mergers and Acquisition Regulatory Board - Boston

U.S. Municipal Securities & Information Board

U.S. Regulatory Securities Agency - Washington, DC

U.S. Takeovers & Acquisition Regulatory Board (USTARB)

United Financial Protection Commission

United States Federal Court of Arbitration - New York

United States Investment Dealers - Gonzales, LA

United States Investment Dealers Organization (USIDO)

United States Mergers and Acquisitions Regulators

United States Regulators and Administration Commission - Boston

United States Securities and Acquisitions Administration

United States Securities and Investments Commission

United States Securities and Investments Dealers

United States Securities Regulatory Commision - Washington, DC

United States Settlement and Claims Commission - Stockton

UnitedGlobal Trading Commission - Boston

US Complaints and Reviews

US Department of the Treasury (CLONE)

US Federal Stock Regulators (USFSR) - Washington D.C.


US International Investment Trade Authority

US Regulatory Commission

US Shareholders Registry Department - Chester, PA

US Stock Regulators - Washington, DC

Washington Exchange and Regulatory Board

Washington, D.C. Securities Division

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