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Suspicious Authorities - United States of America

List of unauthorized and / or unlicensed financial regulators / authorities:

Alliance Financial Regulatory Board

Alliance Transfer Inc.

American Financial Group - Washington, DC

American Futures and Options Exchange

American Futures and Options Trading Commission

Atlantic Stock Transfer Agency Inc (ASTA Inc)

Board of Financial Affairs

Board of International Equities - Washington DC

Board of International Finance - Washington DC

Board of Securities Trading Commission

Boston Mergers & Acquisition Board - Boston, MA

Bureau of Compliance and Regulatory Board

Bureau of Compliance Regulatory Board

Bureau of Financial & Protection Services

Bureau of Financial Compensation

Bureau of Financial Trading - Washington, DC

Bureau of International Securities Trading - Washington DC

Center For Fraud Protection International (CFFPI) - Seattle, Washington

Center for Securities Investigation Department

Centerpoint Financial Regulatory Board

Central Commonwealth Security & Exchange Commission

Central Finance Regulatory Commission - Rockland, MA

Central Stock Regulators

Chicago Division of Securities - Chicago

Chicago Trading Regulatory Board

Commission on Financial & Securities Compliance

Commission on Financial and Securities Compliance

Commission on International Trade and Economics

Commonwealth Regulatory Board - Boston, MA

Consumer Financial Trading Registry (CFTR) - Washington, D.C.

CRC Continental Regulatory Commission - Washington DC

Department of Financial Compensation - Washington, DC

Department of Financial Investigations

Department of Financial Regulators - International Securities Division

Department of Financial Securities Department

Department of Financial Trading - Washington, DC

Department of Foreign Investment Control - Washington DC

Department of Global Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions

Department of Interagency Protection Bureau

Department of International Finance - Washington D.C.

Department of International Financial Trading - Washington, DC

Department of Law and Public Safety

Department of Orderly Liquidation

Department of Regulation in Washington

Department of Securities and Exchange Regulation

Department of Securities Liquidations - Washington DC

Department of Securities Trading - Washington, DC

Division of Securities - Chicago, Illinois

Division of Securities for the District of Columbia

East West Financial and Securities Compliance

Eastern Security Trading Commission - Washington DC

Economic and Financial Services Commission

Economic and Financial Services Commission ECOFINSC efinsc

eMerge Regulatory Trade Commission - Boston

Equities Trading Commission - Washington, DC

FED Acquisitions Control Bureau

Federal Division Of Securities - New York

Federal Financial Regulatory Board - Boston, MA

Federal Financial Services Commission

Federal Government Grant Commission

Federal Recapitalization Fund - New York

Federal Securities and Acquisitions Administration - Boston, MA

Federal Securities and Investments Regulatory Commission

Federal Securities Commission - New York

Federal Securities Regulatory Agency - Seattle

Federal Security Trading Regulatory Board

Federal Stock Commission

Federated Acquisitions Control Bureau

FESR The Futures Exchange Securities Regulator - New York

Financial Action Task Force - Washington, DC

Financial Compensation Authority - Washington DC

Financial Control Commission - Boston

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force - CLONE

Financial Fraud Examiner - Washington, DC

Financial Market Commission & Regulatory Board

Financial Protection Commission - Boston, MA

Financial Regulatory Commission - Boston, MA

Financial Securities and Equities Bureau - Washington, DC

Financial Trading Board - Washington DC

Forensic Accounting and Financial Fraud Investigator

Global Compliance Agency

Global Financial Protection Commission - Boston, MA

Global Investments Compliance Center

Global M & A Commission - Washington, DC

Global Regulatory Securities Commission

Global Securities Crime Investigators

Global Securities Protection Agency

Great Harbor Compliance Regulatory Board

ICSC - International Claims Settlement Commission

IFOC International Financial Oversight Commission - Boston

Integrated Financial Regulatory Board (IFRB ) - Washington, DC

Intercontinental Financial Regulatory Board

InterGlobal Financial Registrar - Boston, MA

International Alliance Financial Protection Commission

International Association of Transfer Agents

International Board of Mergers & Acquisitions - Philadelphia

International Board of Trade Commission

International Center For Fraud Examiner - Seattle, Washington

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

International Equities Administrators

International Exchange Commission - Boston

International Exchange Commission - New York

International Financial Forensics Organization

International Financial Market Regulatory Agency IFMRA

International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission IFSRC

International Financial Trading Commission - Washington, DC

International Fraud Alert - Washington D.C

International Fraud Assessment Agency

International Information Exchange - Washington, DC

International Investment Securities Commission (IISC)

International Investments and Securities Commission

International Investor Protection Coalition - New York

International Organization of Registrar and Clearing Agents - IORACA

International Organization of Transfer and Registrar Agents

International Securities Accreditation Authority

International Securities Administrators

International Securities and Equities Board - Washington, D.C.

International Securities Authority - Washington, DC

International Securities Division

International Securities Protection Commission

International Securities Regulatory Agency - Washington, DC

International Securities Validation Division

International Share Verification Department

International Shareholders Compliance Department

International Stock Transfer Administration - ISTA

International Trading Board - Washington, DC

Intertrade Compliance Board

Investment and Security Fraud Protection Agency - Chicago

Investor Protect Bureau

Investor Protection Enforcement Council

Mergers & Acquisitions Compliance Authority

Mergers & Acquisitions Compliance Commission

Mergers and Acquisitions Regulatory Authority (MARA)

National Compliance Regulatory Board - Los Angeles

National Financial Commission - Boston, MA

National Financial Supervision Authority

New York Board of Regulators

New York Regulatory Division

New York Securities Division - New York

OERD Offshore Equities Regulation Department - New York

Office of Financial Affairs

Office of International Securities

Office of the International Claims Commission

Offshore Accounts Department of Treasury

Offshore Securities Commission - Wall Street

Overseas Financial Authority

Overseas Investors Information Network

Overseas Security Trading Protection Commission

Pelican Regulators & Administration Commission

Pennsylvania Division of Securities - Philadelphia

Regional Regulatory Board - Washington, DC

Regulators Department Washington

Regulators Desk Washington

Regulatory Advisory Commission

Regulatory Compliance Board - Los Angeles

Securities Administration - Seattle, WA

Securities and Financial Commission - Seattle, WA

Securities and Investments Disputes Agency - Chicago

Securities Board of Regulators

Securities Compliance Agency

Securities Regulation, Protection and Litigation Agency

Securities Regulatory Agency

Securities Regulatory Authority

Securities Trading Board - Washington, DC

Securities Trading Commission - Washington, DC

Securities Transfer and Registration Group

Securities Validation Department

State Securities Commission

State Securities Commission - Washington, DC

Stronghold Mergers and Acquisition Regulatory Board

The Beacon Hill Regulatory Trade Commission - Boston

The Board of International Equities (BIE)

The Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Governance Institute of America

The Federated Acquisitions Control Bureau

The Financial & Regulatory Oversight Board - Boston

The International Office of Regulators

The International Securities Committee

The International Securities Regulatory Division

The National Futures Securities Commission - New York

The Regulating Body Of Securities And Investments

U. S. Mergers and Acquisitions Regulatory Authority (USMARA)

U.S. Compensation Department

U.S. District Court of Arbitration - New York

U.S. International Bureau for Trading - Washington, DC

U.S. Mergers and Acquisition Regulatory Board - Boston

U.S. Municipal Securities & Information Board

U.S. Regulatory Securities Agency - Washington, DC

U.S. Takeovers & Acquisition Regulatory Board (USTARB)

Union Financial Protection Commission

United Compliance Regulatory Board

United Financial Protection Commission

United States Bureau of Securities Registration

United States Federal Court of Arbitration - New York

United States Federal System

United States Financial Services Registry

United States Investment Dealers - Gonzales, LA

United States Investment Dealers Organization (USIDO)

United States Mergers and Acquisitions Regulators

United States Registration Commission

United States Regulators and Administration Commission - Boston

United States Securities and Acquisitions Administration

United States Securities and Investments Commission

United States Securities and Investments Dealers

United States Securities Regulatory Commision - Washington, DC

United States Settlement and Claims Commission - Stockton

United States Trading Committee

UnitedGlobal Trading Commission - Boston

US Board of Merger and Acquisitions

US Board of Mergers and Acquisition

US Complaints and Reviews

US Department of Registrars Bureau

US Department of the Treasury (CLONE)

US Federal Oversight Investment Bureau

US Federal Stock Regulators (USFSR) - Washington D.C.


US International Investment Trade Authority

US Liquidation and Compensation Board

US Registration Authority

US Registration of Securities Bureau

US Regulatory Commission

US Regulatory Trade and Commission

US Securities Registration Oversight Commission

US Shareholders Registry Department - Chester, PA

US Stock Regulators - Washington, DC

Washington Exchange and Regulatory Board

Washington Regulatory Division

Washington, D.C. Securities Division

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