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List of unauthorized firms and/or unlicensed securities firms.

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E-transact Worldwide Limited

Earnest & Medwell International - Hong Kong

East Financial Group Incorporated - New York

EastBay Trading - Shenzhen

Eastern Capital Fund Ltd. USA

Eastern Equity Division

Eastman Pierce Partners Mergers and Acquisitions - New Year

Easton Consultancy Advisory Firm - New York

EastWest Global Management - New York

Easylink Management Ltd. Stock Transfer Specialists - Shenzen

Eco Investment Group - North Carolina, London

Ecovexco Investment Group

ECTP - Eccotopia STOCK

Edison Transfer Agency - Toledo, OH

Elesourcing Technology Limited

Elite Group Inc

Ellipse Trading Group LLP - Hong Kong, New York

Emerald Trading - Tokyo, Wilmington

Emirates Asset Management Ltd

Empire Financial Management Incorporated - Miami, FL

Endeavour Mergers and Acquisitions - Seattle, WA

Enertech Group Investments Inc. - Panama

Equerry Investment Management - London (CLONE)

Equities Registration and Transfer Corp.

Equities Trading Commission

Equity Financial Services Inc (Clone of USA authorized firms)

Equity Law Group - Cape Coral, FL

Equity Trust Management, LLC - Boston, MA

Escrow Service Group - Hong Kong

Escrow Support Services

Eurasia Capital Management - Hong Kong

EurAsia Trade Group - Hong Kong

Eureka Management Consulting

Euro Marine Energy

Europa Stock Transfer (since 1899)

European Futures Options Commission EFOC

Everbright Tech Traders

EW Transfers International - Hong Kong

Excel Private Equity - Atlanta, Georgia

Excel Sales Recruitment


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