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Transfer Agents / Beneficiary Bank Accounts

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078-267879 - 838 Hong Kong

A I Europe Limited

Able Century Limited

Able Choice International Group

Access Express Limited

Acme Plan International Limited

Acrux Holdings Limited

Act Services Consulting Limited

Adderley, Davis & Associates Ltd

Advantage Worldwide Limited

Aero Trade Limited

Aiab Asia Holdings Limited

Aim Crown Limited

Alfort International Limited

Alfort International Ltd

Alpen International Limited

Amj Imp & Exp International Co., Limited

Arga Trading Limited

Arh Am Company

Ashton Trading Worldwide Limited

Aurum International

Avantgarde Consultants

Axs Limited


Bdk Ltd

Belvue Worldwide

Berkshire Capital Limited

Biathlon Hk Limited

Bma Holdings Limited

Bmm Limited

Boltin Limited

Brg Trading Limited

Bright League Limited

Bring Trade Limited

Buan Ha Trading (hk) Company Limited

Capital Chain Limited

Cardan Limited

Castron Limited

Cedan Limited

Changgcai Trade Co

Changhongda Limited

Changxiang Trading Co Limited

Chapman Group Limited

Chapman Group Ltd

Charm Assets Limited

Charter Asset Corporation Limited

Cheer Standard Limited

Cheerlife Corporation Limited

Chengshi International

Chengshi International 12883640069305

Chengshi International 12883652201169

China Sanhe Intl Group Limited

Chinasum Trading Limited

Chingying International Trading Limited

City Hong Kong Group Limited

City-trade International Ltd

Commercial Foreign Exchange Ltd

Complastem Trading Ltd

Cosmo Standard Limited

Cosmo Swiss Management Sa

Crown Group Service Pte Ltd - Hong Kong

Ctpp Investment Limited

Cyrus Greenberg

Dalu Trade Co Limited

Dawson Trade International Co., Limited

Deniver Limited

Denvier Limited

Dfan Limited

Dg Consultancy Limited

Dh Corporation Limited

Dreyfus Ruper (individual)

Drobium Limited

E.d.g. Americas Corp (hk)

Eagle Smart Holdings Ltd

Eastworth Limited

Easyco International Limited

Edenbridge International Ltd.

Ekl International Co Limited

Elantra Limited

Esi Overseas Limited (hk)

Eu Trade Limited

Exchange Market Limited

Exchange Market Limited

Fai Trading Limited

Fer Mensorado Albano

Fesm Holdings Limited

Fineton Limited

First Level One Limited

Firstworld Consultants Limited

Firstworld Consultants Ltd

Fischer Clayton Moss - Hong Kong

Fraser Mackenzie

Fs Dalston Limited

Fu De Enterprises (hk) Limited

Fu Po Trading Co

Fulford Limited

Fund Market Limited

Fusephase Ltd

G.d.s. International Group Limited

G.i.g.a Asia Limited

Ga Tsun Trade Co Limited

Gard Trading Limited

Gchain Limited

Gds International Group Ltd

Geo Survey Partners Ltd

Geonet Exim

Geonet Exim

Gft Company Limited

Global Transaction Services (hk) Limited

Globe Express Limited

Globe Express Limited

Glory Jet Limited

Godfrey Grey International Ltd

Gold Glory Trading Co

Goldstein International Ltd

Goldtech International Hk Limited

Goodhill Limited

Grandwic Limited

Gratc International Trade Limited

Great Raise Limited

Green Code Limited

Green Code Ltd

Hamberg Limited

Harrowds Limited

Hk Anshan Trade Limited

Hk Bondar Trade Limited

Hk Fuqi Trade Limited

Hk Juber Ltd

Hk Kailung Trading Co Limited

Hk Private Capital Limited

Hk Ruicheng Technology Co. Limited

Hk Wenxianqi Trade Co Ltd

Hk Xiangzhong Trading Limited

Hk Xige Limited

Hk Yonghui Industry Intl Co Limited

Hk Zhuohong Trade Limited

Hong Chin International - Hong Kong

Hong Chin International Ob Hafiza Traders

Hong Kong Weimeite International

Hong Kuang Co Ltd

Hongkong Baixi Trading Limited

Hongkong Hlk Group Limited

Hongkong Huayime Trade Limited

Hongkong Qianghui Trade Group Co., Limited

Horuda Trade Limited

Hovera Limited

Huana Resource Hong Kong Co Ltd

Innovative Network Limited

Inspire Vintage Pvt Ltd

J.a.g. Limited

Jensen L R Beneficiary

Jieyazhen Limited

Jieyou Trade Limited

Jjb Holdings Limited

Jlm International Trading Co Limited

Jordan Associates Ltd

Joy Globe Limited

Karada Holdings Ltd

Kennedy Brown International

Kin Yip Co

Kl Worldwide Limited

Kong Sun Trading Co

Ksm Global Co Ltd

Lamont Holdings Limited

Lancord Limited

Leeden Limited

Legend Rich Corporation Limited

Leiyu Trade Limited

Leston Limited

Levins Limited - Hsbc

Levins Limited - Scblhkhh

Limited And Xing Qi Trade Limited

Linear Limited

Liumen Investments Limited

Lucan Company Limited

Lux Dragon (hk) Limited

Lynwin Limited

M For M Holdings Limited

Manrich Limited

Mansfield International Ltd

Marigold Partners Limited

Meifung Times Trading Limited

Meiteer International Trading Limited

Merc Zone Trade Limited

Mgu Hong Kong Limited

Ming Fu (hk) Industrial Limited

Mingla Impex

Modiam Co.

Money Net Int Ltd

Morgan Young Financial Co. Ltd.

Nano Element Technology Co Ltd

Neh Trading Limited


Nomura Global International

Nova Trade Limited

Nv Partner Limited

Orikalk Limited

Oxred Limited

Pacific Invest Ltd

Pentron Limited

Peredic Limited

Premium Priority Partners Co Ltd

Preston Capital Partners Limited

Prime Express Limited

Pro Strong Limited

Profit Trend Capital Investment Ltd

Prospect Encore Limited

Prospect Encore Ltd

Protop Finance Limited

Psa Trade Limited

Pt Hakatex

Qingmai International Hk Co Limited

Quantum Nova International Limited

Quest Security Limited

Quint Limited

R And G Partners Ltd

R&g Partners Ltd

Red Hai Trade Co Ltd

Redcoroyal Ltd

Redington Limited

Regal Trade Global Ltd - Hk

Resmart Limited

Rgt Limited

Ricards Limited

Rong Aviva Limited

Rpf Limited

Sauz International Development Ltd

Sb Group International Limited

Seai Holdings Limited

Shencai Trading Company Limited

Shineberg Limited

Shinefield Limited

Shing Tin International Trading Limited

Sierra Holdings Limited

Singray International Ltd

Sioo Industrial Co Limited

Skda International Limited

Smart-in Develop Limited

Smd Partnership Limited - Hong Kong

Sot Investment Holdings Limited

Speartech Consultants - Singapore

Sseah Enterprise Limited

Start Easy Developments Limited

Statrys - Marigold Partners Limited

Supreme Wisdom Corporation Limited

Sv Consulting Limited

Tcae Limited

Tcc Global Ltd

Team Light Limited

Thye Hong Commercial And Finance Co Ltd

Tian Xi Fu Limited

Timeprime Limited

Tjb Trading Limited

Tm Capital Corp

Tokai Global Limited

Trade One Limited

Trade Smooth Limited

Trans-asia Consultants Limited

Tricorp Limited - Hong Kong

Tricorp Limited - Hsbc

Trillion Markets Investments Limited

United Equity Clearing Limited

Vcc International Group Ltd

Vega Limited

Wanop Trade Hk Limited

Warick Limited

Well Strong Corporation Limited

Wenkangl (hk) Trade Co Limited

Wide Success Trading Limited

Wintac Limited

Wridgeway Limited

Wsg (hk) Limited

Yeumg Michelle

Yield Stone Limited

Yirun Technology Limited

Yutong International Trading Co Limited

Zenex Limited

Zeriten Limited

Zhenrongxingg Trade Co Limited

Zhonggang Century Limited

Zhp Trading Limited



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