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List of unauthorized firms and/or unlicensed securities firms.

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M&A Securities Group - Kansas City, MO

Mad Media Productions LTD

Madden Group Inc. - Buffalo, NY

Maddisson Jardine Associates - Seattle, WA

Madison Avenue Mergers & Acquisitions - New York

Mallary & Company, LLC

Mallary & Company, LLC - New York

Mandolin Resources - Austin, TX

Manhattan Transfer

Mannex Global Corp LLC

Manniworth Co Ltd

Marco Go Up Holding Limited

Marcus & Company Inc. - New York

Marlin Reynolds

Marsh & Reede Capital - Houston, TX

Martin Pranz


Marunouchi Merger Group - Tokyo

Marvont Group

Mason-Kent Partners

Massaki, Lane and Associates - New York, Washington, DC

Mastela Construction Limited

Mathisen Financial - New York

Matsuo Associates - Tokyo

Maxwell Financial Services - New York

Mayer and Connolly LLP - Brooklyn, NY

MBC Finance Group - New York

MCA Legal Group Of America

McKenzie International Investments

Mclintock Greer - New York

McPherson Gordon Ltd. - St. Louis, MO

Media Transfers Limited

Meister Ventures Inc. - New York

MEL International Ltd. - Boston, MA

Melbinger Leopold & Partners

Melrose & Greystone - New York

Mercury Global Acquisition Inc. - Seattle, WA

Mergers & Acquisitions Supervision & Administration Commission - MASAC

Mergers and Acquisitions Regulatory Board

Metal Recovery International Associates (MRI) - Singapore

Meyer Coleman

Micro Global Management Inc. - Washington, PA

Micron Associates - Barcelona

Midal Consulting Co - New York

Mighty Dragon Trading Ltd.

Milford Creek LLP - Milford, Delaware

Miller & Parker Consulting Group - New York

Miller Consulting Group - New York

Miller Counsulting Group

Miller Winston - Seattle, WA

Minato Merger Group

Minato Merger Group - Tokyo

Minor Group Incorporated - New York

Mitsui Credit Global - Osaka

Miyako Mergers Acquisitions

MJ Inversiones SL - Madrid

MKL Business Services, LLC - Philadelphia, PA

Montgomery Roth International LLP - New York

Morgan Brookes Futures

Morgan Premier Group - New York

Morgan Witter Lazard (MWL Capital) - New York, London, Hong Kong

Morisson & Associates Law Firm & Consultancy - New York

Morisson Ventures Inc. - New York

Morris & Johnson - London

Morris Mergers Consultants

MOYOTO Mergers

MSCP TRADING - Philippines

Murdoch Consulting Group

Murray International

MV LAW GROUP / Murray Vincent Law Group

Myers & Baker Associates - New York

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