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List of unauthorized firms and/or unlicensed securities firms.

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Baker Boyd Associates

Balmoral International Group SA - Luxembourg

Banc of America Securities Limited (BOAS)

Banco FX

Bank Business Angel

Bank Invest Capital / G.M.E Ltd - London, Mahe

BankDirect FX

Banner Commodities - New York

Banner Partners - Philadelphia

Banner Partners - Philadelphia

Banner Partners (clone of US active firm)

Baron Harper Capital

Baron International Transfers

Baron-Moore Associates - Hong Kong

Baros and Ronaldo Associates - Seattle, WA

Barrett Partners Japan

Basic Venture Limited - Geneve, Hong Kong

Bauer Schmidt & Guenter

Bayne Equity Liquidators LLC - New York

Bayside Equity Group Inc - Boston

BCG Wealth Group

Beacon Trade - Japan

Beacon Trade - Tokyo

Bear Earning Inv

Beihia International Group

Belmont Financial Group - Hong Kong, Tokyo

Belmont Trading Inc. - Beijing

Benchmark International Trading Group, Inc. - Washington DC

Benckiser Roth

Benelux Venture Partners - Luxembourg

Benson Hill Advisors - New York

Benson Union Limited - Hong Kong

Benton Wells & Associates, LLC - Seattle, WA

Berdon Law Mergers & Acquisitions - New York

Berkshire Financial Management, LLC - New York

Bernstein, Whitman & Lloyds - New York

Bernstein, Whitman & Lloyds LLC

Berrscott, Elliott & Associates - New York

Beta Trading

Betterlife Investment Group - Seattle, WA

Birchwood International

Bit Management Ltd

Bitmit Bitcoin market place

BL Trading Group

BL Trading Group - Washington, DC

Black Water Investment Group, L.L.P. - New York

Blackstone Royalty Corporation - Jersey City, NJ

Blackswan Morgan - New York

Blackwell & Associates - New York

Blake Morgan Financials - New York

Blaze Clearing Services - Shenzhen

Bloomfield Trust Management, LLC - Bloomfield, NJ

Blue Bayou Prospect Management - Houston, TX

Blue Millennium Foundation

Blue Ridge Financial Group - Seattle, WA

Blue Square Group - New Delhi

Bluefield Partners

BMI Financial Solutions

BNP Paribas Private Group (CLONE)

Boesch Haufmann Asset Management, Inc.

Boston Acquisition Group

Boston Acquisition Group - Boston, MA

Boston Capital Management Inc. - Boston, MA

Boston Private Equity - Boston, MA

Bourse Forensic Accountants

Bowie Aram Ltd (BA-Ltd), Osaka

Brady & Bell Acquisition Ltd - Atlanta, GA

Braemar Capital - Hong Kong

Bramwell & Kent Consultants, LLC. - New York

Brant Fletcher Trust Management

Brant Fletcher Trust Management - New York

Brentwood Capital Ventures - New York

Bristol Capital Partners - Paris

Broadspan Securities - Hong Kong, Miami

Broker Association - Zurich

Brookdale West Capital Management - New York

Brookmore Partners

Brookstone Group Transfer Agents - New York

Brown and Wenger Consultancy Firm - New York

Burgess, Cooper & Reynolds - New York

Burkert Asset Management - New York

Burnell Larkins, LLC - Seattle, WA

Burton Financial Partners - Hong Kong

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