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List of unauthorized firms and/or unlicensed securities firms.

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T.M.R. Trading Escrow and Clearing

T.M.R. Trading Escrow and Clearing - Washington, DC

Taft MacKenzie Ventures - Columbus, OH

TAITO Securities Group

Takahashi Nakamura - Hong Kong

Takashimaya Acquisition Group

Tanner-White PLLC - Seattle, WA

Tate and Carver Consultancy Group - New York

Taylor and Grant Associates - New York

Taylor Made Mergers

TCM Financial - Seattle, New York CLONE

TD Options Limited - Hong Kong, London or Geneve

TDB Financial Group - New York

Tenjin & Associates - Tokyo

Texas Stock and Bond - Houston, TX

The Alliance Group Tokyo

The Avanti Group - Tokyo

The Berry Law Firm, PLLC (CLONE)

The Bradford Group - Singapore

The Cathford Group - Tokyo

The Clayton Group - Singapore

The Crowne Registry - New York

The Firm Inc. or The Ottoman Group - New York

The Gold Lotto

The Haney Group - Hong Kong

The Kronos Group - Hong Kong

The LML GROUP - Hong Kong

The Manhattan Group - Seoul

The Masons Corporation - CLONE

The Mergers Group - Taipei, Taiwan

The Pacific Alliances

The Pinnacle Group - Hamburg, Germany

The Regency Acquisition Group - Los Angeles

The Southwood Group - Hong Kong

The Toros Group - Valencia, Spain

The Tyler Group - Barcelona

Thomas & Hyde Consulting - Los Angeles, CA

Thomas Anderson Advisory - New York

Thomas Capital - Vienna, London

Thomas Capital Partners - New York

Thompson Associates - London

Thompson Capital Ventures, Accounting & Tax Advisory

Thornton & Tresk/ TT Financial

Thornton Wilson Group - New York

Tifozi Investments Limited - British Virgin Islands

Tilney Asset Management - London (CLONE), New York

Timimi Corporation - Nicosia

Titan Financial Services (UK CLONE)

Titan Invest PLC - Surrey

Titanium Wealth Management

Titanium White Factory - Changzhou

TLR Recruitment and Training

TMRTrust Ltd. - Seattle, WA

TND Capital - Tokyo

Todd and White Financial Marketing Services

Tokai Global Trading - Tokyo, Geneve

Token Financial

Tokushima Worldwide - Tokyo

Tompkins, Price & Walker - San Francisco, CA

Tony & Melisa Limited - Hong Kong

Total Research Group, Inc. - Seattle, WA


Trade 4 Profit - Belgium

Trade 4 X Limited

Trade Capital Investments

Trade Miles International - Lodnon


TradeFxMe - London

TradersRoom - New York

Tradignition - London (clone of FCA authorized firm)

Trading Coalition - Tortolla

Trans-Atlantic Direct

TransAmerican Minerals

Transatlantic Alliance Inc. - New York

TransColombian Resources

Transnational Automotive Group, Inc.- STOCK

Transunion Financial - Hong Kong

Treadstone Private Equity - New York

Trent Consultants Ltd - Seoul, Korea

Tri-Sun Management

Tribune Assets Management Litmited - Chicago, IL

Trident Transfer Services Ltd. - New York

Trillium Advisory Firm

Trillium Advisory Firm - Chicago, IL

Trilogy Investment Funds Plc - CLONE

TRINITY Capital Finance - Asia

Triumph Capital Management - New York

Trowbridge Capital - Zurich

Troy McDonald - Tokyo

Trudel Mergers and Acquisitions Group - Yokohama

Tsu Tsui Global

Tudor Capital Group - Seattle, WA

Turner Financial Inc - Tokyo

Turner, Liebermann, & Cohen Law

Twynham Corp. - Ontario, Canada

TYD Capital Inc - Tokyo

TYP-Capital Inc. - Tokyo

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