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Suspicious Authorities - Japan

List of unauthorized and / or unlicensed financial regulators / authorities:

Acquisition and Securities Authority

Acquisitions & Securities Authority


Asia-Pacific Compliance Commission - Tokyo

Asian Acquisition Oversight Committee - Tokyo

Asian Carbon Trade Exchange

Asian Securities Commission - Tokyo

Bureau of Offshore Mergers & Acquisitions - Tokyo

Central Exchange Bureau

Central Registration Department

Commodities Futures Trade Board

Consolidations and Mergers Regulatory Authority

Cross Border Acquisition Commission

Cross Border Securities Authority of Japan

Department of Foreign Equities Commission

Department of Foreign Securities - Tokyo

Department of Supervisory Acquisitions

Eastern Equity Division

Equity Management Bureau

Equity Trading International Commission (ETIC)

Fin-Tech Service Association Japan

Financial Assurance Regulatory Board

Financial Exchange Authority

Financial Markets Authority - Tokyo

Financial Mergers and Acquisitions Authority of Japan

Financial Securities Exchange of Japan

Financial Services Conduct Authority of Japan

Financial Trading Commission

Foreign Bond Equity and Acquisition Authority - Tokyo

Foreign Equities Commission of Japan

Foreign Securities Board

Foreign Securities Conduct Commission

Foreign Securities Supervisory Authority

International Acquisition Authority

International Acquisitions Regulatory Commission - Japan

International Association of Securites Varification

International Equity Agency of Japan - Tokyo

International Equity Authority

International Equity Regulation Department

International Exchange Regulatory Agency


International Mergers & Acquisitions Bureau - Japan

International Securities Commission

International Stock Regulators Board

International Trade Advisory Committee

International Trading Bureau

International Trading Exchange Commission

Japan Futures Trading Board

Japanese Acquisition Authority - Tokyo

Japanese Acquisition Conduct Authority JACA

Japanese Equities and EFT Authority - Tokyo

Japanese Equities Commission - Tokyo

Japanese Financial Commission - Tokyo

Japanese Market Commission

Japanese Mergers and Acquisitions Commission - Tokyo

Japanese Securities and Compliance Authority

Japanese Securities Exchange - Tokyo

KMEX Kyoto Merchantile Exchange

Mergers & Acquisitions Regulatory Commission (MAREGCOM)

Mergers & Acquisitions Supervision & Administration Commission MASAC

Mergers and Acquisitions Commission

Metropolitan Financial Protection Commission

National Bureau Mergers & Acquisitions - Japan

National Bureau of Mergers Acquisitions

Nikkei Securities Exchange Group

Office of Foreign Securities

Office of International Equities - Tokyo

Osaka Futures and Options Exchange

Overseas Mergers and Consolidations Commission

Overseas Mergers and Consolidations Committee

Securities and Investment Authority

Securities Authority of Japan

SouthEast-Asia Commodities Regulatory Board - Tokyo

TAI Transfer Authority International - Japan

The Financial Services Conduct Authority of Japan (FSCA)

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority

The Japanese Mergers and Acquisitions Authority

The Tokyo Futures and Options Exchange

Tokyo Board Options Exchange

Tokyo Commodities Futures Exchange

Tokyo Commodities Trading Authority

Tokyo Futures Trading Board

Tokyo Regional Securities Division

Tokyo World Future Exchange

World Securities Authority

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