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List of unauthorized firms and/or unlicensed securities firms.

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N.A.V. Group Limited

Nagatacho Odaiba & Associates - Tokyo

Nakamura Corporation - Tokyo

Nakitrade - London, Tokyo

Nankai Group

Nano Industry Investments Inc. Limited (NIIIL) - London

Nanotech Engineer

Nanto Sapporo Brokerage

National Fraud Center

National Remedy Center

Nature Bio Technology - Zurich

Navasota Group - Tokyo

Nelson Capital Advisors - New York

Nemesis Commodities Ltd

Netdeal Club - Panama, Cyprus

Netotrade Global Investments Ltd - Belize

Netotrade UK Ltd - Lodnon

Neuberger and Co Wealth Management

Nevada Transfer Agent - Reno, NV

New Dynamic Group - Luxembourg

New England Private Equity

New England Private Equity - Boston

New England Private Equity, LLC - Boston, MA

New Outlook Management Group - Osaka

New York Finance Company - New York

Newton Smith Associates - Luxembourg

Next Commodities Co Ltd. - Hong Kong

Nichols & Meyer Capital Partners - HK, UK

NIHONBASHI Acquisitions

Nihonbashi Acquisitions - Tokyo

Nihongo Edo & Associates - Tokyo

Niigata Global Wealth Management - Tokyo

Nippon Financial Partners - Tokyo

Nipponbashi Kita & Partners - Tokyo

Nistla Inc. - Panama

NJ Transfer Inc

Nomura Financial

Nomura Levy Mergers & Acquisitions

North Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions - Seattle, WA

North Ultima Worldwide Corp.

Northern Capital Consultants - New York

Northern Trust Global Services ltd (CLONE)

Northfield Group Ltd Stock Transfer & Escrow Services - Cyprus

Northwest Mergers and Acquisitions, Inc. - Portland, OR

Norton Scientific Inc (NT3)

Norvell Associates - Hong Kong, Singapore

Nova UK Limited (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)

Novum Capital (Clone of FCA Authorized Firm)

Novus Capital Management

NT Financial Services - New York

NY Finance Ltd. - New York

NZISL New Zealand International Savings and Loans Ltd.

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