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Transfer Agents / Beneficiary Bank Accounts

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Jubilant Holdings Limited

A&p Holdings Limited

Access Express Limited

Access Point Limited

Anatas Holding Ltd

Anatas Holdings Limited

Antas Holding Limited (Barvetii)

Apex Management Group Inc

Aqua Tera Ltd

Aqua Tera Ltd

Archer Worldwide Ltd

Ascot Holdings Management Inc.

Azpecto Ltd

Aztek Group Worldwide Limited

B Group Ltd

Bluemark Holdings Ltd - Taipei, Taiwan

Bmt Holdings Limited

Bmt Holdings Ltd

Boldstone Holdings Inc

Broxton Holding

Capital International Enterprise Ltd

Carpfield Limited

Celestial Trinity Limited

China Sea Resources Ltd

Cls Investing Limited

Cls Investing Ltd

Cmh Trading Ltd

Cmh Trading Ltd - First Commercial Bank

Cmh Trading Ltd - Mega Int Bank

Comark Holdings Limited

Cwt Holding Limited - Taiwan

Deepblue Global Limited

Djs Trade Ltd

Eastern Zone Co. Ltd

Egs Holdings Ltd

Emerald Trading Partners

Emerald Trading Partners Limited

Esprit Fast Holdings Corp

Exchange Market Limited

Far Eastern Group Limited

Flagship Limited

Ft Holding Company

Gatebe Holding Ltd.

Gatebe Holdings Ltd

Global Alliance Limited

Global Trans Limited Company

Golden Gate Ltd


Greengard Ltd

Gv Worldwide Trade Ltd

Hargill Holdings Inc

High Net Global Ltd

High Net Global Ltd Scsbtwtp031

Highwell Investment Limited

Hollidale Holdings Ltd

Huntley Worldwide Limited

Hyndburn Ltd

Inter Trade Global Ltd

Jlm International Ltd

Jlm International Trading Company Limited

Kaluss Holdings Limited

Kaluss Holdings Limited - Taiwan

Kaluss Holdings Ltd.

Kcc Trading Limited

Kinford Corporation Limited

Kinford Corporation Ltd

Martello Resources Ltd

Maythorne Group Ltd

Mowbray Holdings Limited

Mt Global Limited

Multi Come Limited

Oakstar Holdings Inc

Opulence Investment Inc

Peak Group Management Inc

Picket Holdings Ltd

Premium Limited

Premium Limited

Premium Limited

Redrock Ltd

S.b. International Ltd

Sadler Incorporation Ltd

Sternwood Holdings Limited

Tarra Worldwide Limited

Titan Pacific Limited

Tk Consulting And Trade Company

Valuewell Assets Limited

Veluewell Assets Limited

Westwood Holdings Inc



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