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List of unauthorized firms and/or unlicensed securities firms.

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Sachs International, S.A.

Safe Deal Escrow Service

Saito Mergers & Acquisitions - Tokyo

Sales Recruitment Experts - London

Salmer´┐Żn Asesores & Abogados

Samson Capital Group - New York

Sandford Hale & Co. - New York

SB Registry - Reno, NV

Scalada Holdings Limited

Schiller Gates, Inc. - New York

Schulz & Partner

Schwartz Leiberman Associates - Seattle, WA

Scott and Fischer Consultancy Limited - Chicago, IL

Secure Equities Holding Corp. - Hong Kong, Seychelles

Secure Insurance - New York

Securities Africa Limited - Greenwich, CT

Select Capital Ventures SA - Montreal

Select Capital Ventures SA - Quebec, Canada

Senaca Stock Transfer Inc. - Boulder, CO

Sharp Courage Global - New York

Shaw, Edwards, Emmerson & Knight LTD LLP

Shearer Sampson & Associates - Chicago, IL

Sheffield Global Investments - London

Shelden Associates

Shenzhen Power Batteries Co.,Ltd. - Shenzhen

Shepherds Hill Partners - Hong Kong

Sheppard Capital Partners - Philadelphia, PA

Sherman Consultancy Group - New York

SHIBUYA Associates Strategic Investments Advisor

Shields Corporate Partners - New York

Shimbashi & Partners - Tokyo


Sidstone, Gray & Partners - New York

Sierra Finance Asset Management - Yokohama

Silver Spring Capital Management, LLC - New York

Silver Spring Capital Management, LLC - Silver Spring, MD

Simon Gray & Associates - New York

Smith & Lincoln LLC - Philadelphia, Boston

Smith and Lockhart Associates - New York

Smith and Olsson - Chicago, IL

Smith Jacobs & Litchfield Financial - Tokyo

Smith Shore & Jenkins LLC - Boston

SNS Reaal Group (clone of EU authorized firm)

Solaris Financial Solutions

Soloman Mckinley Associates - Seattle, WA

Sonata Financial

Sony Global Asset Management, Ltd. - Albany, NY

Soren Moller - Luxembourg

SouthEast-Asia Commodities Regulatory Board

Southwell & Stone Capital Partners

Sparrow Capital Partners - Seattle, Washington

Spartan Capital Asset Management - New York

Spectrum Global International

Spectrum Global International - Atlanta, Georgia

Speed Group Global LTD

Spindler & Partner LLP

Spot Capital Markets Ltd t/a Milano Trader

Springhill Group

Stamford Niles Equities, LLC - Chicago, IL

Stan Ten Williams

Standard Hokori Group - New York

Stanford Law Firm

Stanley Capital Group Mergers and Acquisitions - New York

Stansell Corporate Services, LLC - Seattle, WA

Stansfield Private Equity Ltd. - New York

Stanten Williams

Star Alliance Wealth Management

Stateside Capital - New York

Stateside Transfers LLC - New York

Steed and Associates - Pflugerville, TX

Stein, Silver & Goldberg - Tokyo

Steinberg & Ashley Corp. - New York

Steinberg Private Equity - US, HK

Sterling Equity Corp. - New Castle, DE

Sterling Private Equity PLC

Steward Stock Transfer

Stock Capital - London

STOCK: EOR - Enhanced Oil Recovery Worldwide

STOCK: Nazca Mining Co Ltd (NZA) - Vancouver

STOCK: PMI Petromex Industries - Mexico City

STOCK: Unique Transporation Solutions Inc

Stonegate Mergers & Acquisitions - Geneve, Switzerland

Strategic Advisory Corporation

Strategic Global Partners - Tokyo

Strategic Private Equity Group - New York

Strategic Private Equity LLC - New York

Stretton Hirst Capital Ltd - London

STRG Securities Transfer & Registration Group - Dover

Strike Commodities - Chicago, IL

Stronghold Capital Partners - New York

Stronghold Services

Success Dynamics Asia Human Resources - Jakarta

Success Planning Group (clone of US firm)

Sulaiman Abu Al-Saud Equity & Financial Group

Sumimoto Associates

Summers Associates Limited - New York

Summit Capital Management - Milano, Seoul

Summit M&A Inc. - New York

Summit Private Equity LLP - Los Angeles, CA

Sun-Wealth Corporate Finance - Tokyo

Sungold Equity - Zurich, Miami

Sungold Investments or Sungold Escrow - North Miami Beach, FL

Sunhill Group Bank PLC

Surekeep Marketing

Sustainable Investments - Elsau, Switzerland

Sutherland Gladstone Trust - Zurich

Swan Asset Management - Devon, Frankfurt

SWF Investguide Financial Services Inc. - New York, Geneva, Zurich

SWIFT Exchanger - Costa Rica

Swinson Consultancy Firm - Seattle, WA

Swiss & Global Asset Management - CLONE

SWISS 8, S.A - Panama

Swiss Financial Services Inc - Zurich

Swiss Prime Financial Services - Zug

Swiss Private Bank - Zurich (CLONE)

Swiss Private Capital Ltd. - New York

Synergy Capital LLC - New York - CLONE

Synergy Ventures Inc - New York

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