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Transfer Agents / Beneficiary Bank Accounts

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Smart Point Overseas Ltd

574 11755 401

Able Standard Limited

ACG Group Pte Ltd 2

Adm Ltd.

Ai Rui International - Shanghai

Ai Rui International - Shenzen

Airfield Worldwide Corp.

Airfield Worldwide Corp.

Allied Express Holdings Limited

Alphard Worldwide Limited

Alwyn Management Group Ltd

Arkwright Group Ltd

Attero Trading Limited

Aurum International

Awdh Trading Limited

Bannett Global Pte. Ltd

Barrington Consultants Ltd

Bast Group Ltd

Billion Era Corporation Limited

Bourke Ltd

Brent House Corporation Pl

Brilliant Sheen Limited

Bromius Worldwide Ltd

Bsg Ltd

Burghley Limited

C. R. E. Group Inc.

Caliper Worldwide Ltd - Guangzhou

Casper Holdings Company Ltd

China Offshore Trading Limited

Cipher Solutions Limited

Clearfield Holdings Ltd

Crystce Trading Co Limited

Delog Foreign Trade Ltd

Dovedales Ltd

Easylink Management Ltd

Fcm Enterprise Pte Ltd - Overseas Chinese Banking

Fsd Trading Limited

Glaros Limited

Global Payment Services Limited

Guangzhou Heyou Trade Co Ltd

Guo Yi Qiang

Hampstead Worldwide Limited

Hancock Worldwide Ltd

Hgi Consultants Ltd

Hk Jiezhen Int Trade Co Ltd

Hongkong Zhuoyingxin Trade Co Limited

Hornsea Global Limited

Key Alliance Ventures Limited

Key Alliance Ventures Limited - Shanghai

King-one (hk) Industry Company Limited

Landsdown Corp. (hk)

Lansdown Management Services

Lin Fang

Longfield Solution Limited

Luxe Gate Limited

Mamerto Holding Corp

Metrics Enterprises Limited

Mighty Lion Trading Limited

Millennium Union Limited

More Capital Limited

Opencast Limited

Premium Priority Partners Co. Ltd.

Prentiss Ltd

Pristine Trading Limited

Pro - Nice Limited

Quantom Blackrock Capital Pte Ltd

Regal Trade Global Ltd

Regal Trade Global Ltd - China Guangfa Bank

Rosendale Worldwide Ltd

Rosetech Resources Limited

Safenet Group Solutions Limited

Sanderstead Consultants

Shanghai Clearing House Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Options Investment Co.

Smart Corporate International Limited

Smd Partnership Limited

Spencer Hartford

Teng Tai Holding Company Ltd

Titan Solutions International Limited

Tomwell Limited

Unified Transfer Ltd

Union Transfer Limited

United Transfer Ltd

Viscount Solution Limited

Waldron Solutions Limited

We View International Co. Ltd

World Sharp International Ltd.



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