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List of unauthorized firms and/or unlicensed securities firms.

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Fairview Accounting Services

Fairway Global Asset Management

FAKE British Petroleum email:

Falcon Asset Management

Farnhams Consulting Group

Farrel, Thornton, Lloyd & Brown - Philadelphia, PA

FBC Asia Limited

FCM Advisory Group, Ltd. - Marco Island, FL

FCM Advisory Services, Inc. - Houston, TX

FE Corporate - Worldwide

Federal Asset Management - New York

Federal Capital, Inc. - New York

Federal Equities Corporation - New York

Federal Financial Regulatory Board

Federal Recapitalization Fund

Feinler Management Group

Feinler Management Group - New York

Financial Advisors KMG - New York

Financial Affairs Corporation - New York

Financial Commerce Commission

Financial Fraud Examiner - Washington, DC

Financial Solution Blackstone

Financial Soultions - New York

Financial Trading Board

FinSolve Inc. - New York

FinSolved Inc. - New York

FinTrade Advisors Inc. - New York

First American Trust Co (clone of US financial institution)

First Asia Transfer, Inc.

First Axis Group - New York

First Financial Management - New York

First Management Advisory Ltd - Garden City, NY

First Management Advisory, Ltd - New York

First National Reliance Inc. - New York

First Prime Corp. - New York

First Private Equity Group

First Private Equity Group - New York

First Trade Securities - Rochester, NY

FirstRate Insurance ( clone of US authorized firm )

Fitch Commodity Futures Group

FLT Solutions LLC

Focus Point Capital - Budapest

Focus Trade Ltd

Forbes Private Capital Group - New York, Hong Kong

Fortis Corporation - Tokyo

FORTRESS Investment Group (clone of US registered firm)

Fortuna Fiduciaria International

Fortune Capital Ventures - Yokohama

Foster Dunn & Associates - New York

Franklin-Rankin-LLC- Dallas-TX

Fraser-Mackie Wealth Management Ltd

Frost Capital Partners - Boston

FSDIB Investment / FSD Investment - Spain (CLONE)

FTradition / Forex Tradition (CLONE of EU firm)

Fuji Credit Asset Management

Full Circle Financial Group - Hong Kong

Fund Access Limited

Fund Alliance Limited

Fundamental Trading Inc. - Wheaton, IL

Furnari Levine LLP

Futuro Financial - Osaka

FX Newton Financial Group

Fx Teknikal

FXCM Money Management - London

FXGL Capital - UK


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