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What we do internationally

Our firm is able to confirm or deny legitimate opportunities by conducting Research, Analysis & Examination of Mutual, Margin and Stock Agreements, Private Stock Purchase, Payment Settlement Agreements, Mutual Releases of Individuals, Firms and/or Financial Regulators to our clients.


Research & Analysis

Before signing any venture contracts committing you to any investment venture, it is crucial that Research & Analysis be conducted. Research is vital but it takes time, knowledge and experience and that is where our company is able to assist you. We conduct the research, an analysis and examination into the investment (company and personnel), saving you from possible total loss, which can negatively impact your life.

You may be the best in your profession of architect, doctor, pilot or any business owner, but today in our digital age it is often impossible to know the people with which you are doing business over the phone and the internet. Because of this dire reality, it is important to arm yourself with the knowledge and experience of know-how company as our selves.

If you are contacted by any financial company asking you to invest in or buy new shares in a company... If you are asked to purchase or sell your existing shares in a company... If you are asked to pay taxes via a W-8BEN form; or for any other reason such as: margin agreements, insurance or surety bond fees, derestriction fees or to pay any financial regulator, transfer agent or law firm.

NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement or Confidentiality Agreement is a legal contract between two parties or two legal entities. Like all contracts they are not legal or cannot be enforced if the contracted activities are felonies or nonlegal companies or non-existent entities. If you are reading this and have signed an NDA, you should contact us immediately as the contract could NOT be valid or the company could be a non-existent company or not a legitimate one.

At Economic Research & Analysis (ERA) our team is able to confirm or deny legitimate opportunities by conducting a Due Diligence reports within 24 hours to confirm legitimate opportunities or a complete Case Analysis & Examination within 72 hours. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions, concerns. We will be your first line of defense.

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