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List of unauthorized firms and/or unlicensed securities firms.

Yamazaki Acquisition Group


6F & 9F Sotetsu KS Building, 1-11-5 Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, 220-0004


+81 456 709 037


+81 453 304 191


According to their website, Yamazaki Acquisition Group engages with visionary businessmen who see their enterprises as flexible and innovative as the resources that built and grow them. They claim that for years now, they have worked with several companies that trust us with mergers and acquistions, safe and divestiture, and valuation services, through their network of seasoned investment professionals. Since its founding, they have supposedly broadened their network of strategic buyers, merger candidates and financial resources, having concluded several engagements that made them one of the most active global investment firms. Yamazaki Acquisition Group says that they dynamically track investment trends and business valuations across a range of industries, as well as global strategic prospects for sustained growth.

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