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Suspicious Authorities - United Kingdom

UKFTO - The United Kingdom Futures Trading Organisation


United Kingdom






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The UKFTO is concerned primarily with promoting the disclosure of important information, enforcing laws, and protecting investors who conduct business with registered members and organisations.

The UKFTO Members Database Search contains UKFTO registration information, membership information, disciplinary history, and futures-related regulatory and non-regulatory actions contributed by the UKFTO and registered futures exchanges of the United Kingdom.

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Our Mission. The mission of the UKFTO is to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the futures and options industry, overseeing major participants in the ...

UKFTO Committees

Commission Committees. The Commission has established the Advisory Committee, Public Shareholders' Group and other consultative and regulatory ...

UKFTO Regulation

One of the key roles of the UKFTO is to seek to ensure that the legal and regulatory framework - as well as being effective in sustaining public confidence and ...

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